Two conferences take place at the Embassy on the occasion of 60th anniversary of independence of Algeria

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the independence of Algeria, the Embassy of Algeria in the UK organised on 4th July 2022 :

  1. a conference on “My Journey in the UK and Technologies of the Future in Healthcare”, by speaker Prof. M’hamed Lakrimi, Professor at Oxford University.
  2. a conference on “Algerian Revolution and its impact on the Third World” by speaker Pr. Martin Evans, Professor of Modern European History, University of Sussex. Moderator: Dr. Ilias Boukrami, Associate Professor and Director, Regent’s University London. 

At the end of the two conferences, Ambassador Lounès Magramane thanked the speakers Pr. M’hamed Lakrimi and Pr. Martin Evans, and the moderator Dr. Ilias Boukrami for their valuable contribution and presented to them certificates of appreciation.