The Embassy organises the 4th Embassy Research Network – Knowledge Day / يوم العلم on the 19th of April at 3 pm on Zoom

The Embassy of Algeria in the UK will be holding the 4th Embassy Research Network – Knowledge Day / يوم العلم on the 19th of April at 3 pm on Zoom. All students are cordially to invited to attend this event. This time, we will welcome several distinguished Algerian speakers to share their work in a five-minute speech for each, details of which will be updated on the Eventbrite page of the event soon. 

Confirmed speakers: 

  1. Dr Yassine Bendiabdallah 
  1. Dr Youcef Mehellou

Dr Youcef Mehellou, from El-Oued (Algeria), obtained his Baccalaureate in Chemistry in 2000. He then moved to the United Kingdom to first study English at the University of Reading for nine months and then start a four-year pharmacy degree at King’s College London. Upon the successful completion of the Pharmacy degree in 2005, Youcef moved to Cardiff University to pursue a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry in the laboratory of Prof. Christopher McGuigan. His PhD research focused on the discovery of new antiviral and anticancer therapies. In early 2009, Youcef joined the laboratory of Prof. Sidney M. Hecht at the Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University (USA), as a postdoctoral researcher, where his research dealt with protein engineering. In late 2010, Youcef was awarded an MRC Career Development Fellowship, which he held in the laboratory of Prof. Dario R. Alessi FRS at the University of Dundee. Following this successful Fellowship, Youcef started his independent academic career initially at the University of Birmingham (2013-2016) and then at Cardiff University (2017-present), where he is currently a Senior Lecturer in Medicinal Chemistry. He has trained many PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, has published 40 peer-reviewed research papers, and is a named inventor in selecting patents.  

Youcef’s current research efforts focus on discovering new treatments for cancer, stroke and Parkinson’s disease. Youcef found new cancer immunotherapy that is currently in development and novel technology that is currently employed in discovering antiviral and anticancer treatments. 

  1. Professor Farid Meziane

Professor Farid Meziane obtained his “Ingenieur d’Etat” in computer science from the National Computer Science Institute (CERI, INI, ESI) Oued Smar, Algeria, in 1987. He secured a joint scholarship from the Algerian Government and the British Council. He joined the University of Salford in 1988, where he completed his MSc and PhD in computer science in 1990 and 1994, respectively. His PhD research was on producing formal specifications from natural language requirements. After his PhD, he joined the University Malaysia Sarawak in 1995 as a lecturer in software engineering at the Software Engineering Institute. He was appointed as the director of postgraduate studies within the Faculty of Information Technology.  

After three years in Malaysia, he returned to the University of Salford in 1998 as a lecturer in computer science. He was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2004, Reader in 2007 and Full Professor in 2012, holding a Data and Knowledge Engineering chair. During his academic career at Salford, he had many senior positions, and these included:  

– Associate Dean for International Development for the School of Computing, Science and Engineering  

– Head of the Informatics Research Centre  

– University lead for the Research Excellence Framework submission for the computer science assessment  

– Postgraduate Director for the Informatics Research Centre  

– He was a member of the university senate, University research committee and school executive.  

In August 2020, he was appointed as the head of the Data Science Research Centre at the University of Derby and the College of Science and Engineering research committee chair. He is now leading the Data Science Research Theme at the university level.  

His research expertise is within the broad area of Artificial Intelligence and specifically in Natural Language Processing, Data Science and Machine Learning. He authored over 150 research papers and graduated with 23 PhD students. He is a regular project reviewer for EPSRC in the UK, Agence Nationale pour la Recherche (France), the Research Agency in Health and Life Sciences (Algeria) and many other countries. He is the co-chair of the international conference on the application of Natural Language to Information systems. 

Please sign up through the following link if you wish to attend this session:–tickets-322062145547

We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible!