The Embassy organises the 3rd Research Network Series/Q&A session – 31st of March at 3 pm on Zoom

Dear All,

The Embassy of Algeria is pleased to announce that the Department for Student Affairs at the Embassy of Algeria in London will be holding the 3rd Research Network Series/Q&A session on the 31st of March at 3 pm on Zoom. This session will be led with an opening statement from the Ambassador of Algeria in London.

The Embassy is pleased to invite you to attend this special event. The session is set to be an informative talk on issues of CCR (Certificat de Changement de résidence) & National service among other consular matters. It will also explore ways of academic and social engagements alongside your PhD journeys such as setting up Algerian Societies across UK universities. Additionally, there will be an opportunity to answer your queries and gauge your feedback on the research experiences in the hope to make it better,

Please make sure to fill in your question/feedback in the following form by 31st of March at 11am

Please find below the schedule for the event:

  • 3.00 pm – Moderator – Mr Salhi – Preliminary Remarks 
  • 3.03 pm – Ambassador of Algeria in the UK – Mr Magramane – opening statement.  
  • 3.09 pm – Consulate General representative – CCR & National service 
  • 3.19 pm – Mr Adjeb – setting up an Algerian student society at at UK university
  • 3.24 pm – Miss Meziane – ‘things I wish I knew’
  • 3.29 pm – Questions and Answers 
  • 3.58 pm – Moderator – Mr Salhi – Closing Remarks 

Please sign up through the following link if you wish to attend this session: