President Abdelmadjid Tebboune addresses a message to the Algerian workers on the International Labour Day (1st May 2022)

In a message to the Algerian workers on the occasion of the International Labour Day (1 May), read on his behalf by Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security Youdef Cherfa, President Abdelmadjid Tebboune underlined that “protecting purchasing power, preserving jobs and ensuring social care will remain among the priorities to which the we attach a special importance and for which we will work to mobilize the necessary financial resources, notably for the middle-class, people with limited income and disadvantaged groups.”

In this respect, the Head of State reiterated the State’s determination “to continue listening to the main concerns of the workers for efficient approaches to strengthen the achievements made in less than two years, out of loyalty to my commitment to protecting the workers’ rights and preserving their socio-professional gains.”

“In addition to the abolition of the tax on incomes for people with limited income, the creation of the unemployment benefit and the increase in retirement pension, the thought will always remain focused on the expansion of areas for the absorption of our jobless children,” stressed President Tebboune.

The move undertaken to “unfreeze the investment projects which enabled the creation of 33,171 jobs up to now, as well as our determination to integrate important categories among those with pre-employment contracts, are indicators enshrining the State’s social character, and show this strong will to meet, progressively, the citizens’ aspirations for a decent life and a respectable living environment,” added President Tebboune.