Preliminary Results of the Algerian Parliamentary elections of 12 June 2021

The Independent National Authority for Elections (ANIE) has announced the preliminary results of the 12 June 2021 legislative elections, as follows:

National Liberation Front: 105 seats; Independents: 78 seats; National Democratic Rally: 57 seats; Movement of the Society for Peace: 64 seats; Front El Moustakbal : 48 seats; El Binaa Movement: 40 seats; People’s Voice Party: 03 seats; Good Governance Front: 03 seats; Justice and Development Party: 02 seats; El Fadjr El djadid Party: 02 seats; New Algeria Front: 01 seat; El Karama Party: 01 seat; Jil Jadid Party: 01 seat.

No political party has managed to gain an absolute majority in the People’s National Assembly (Lower House) which is composed of 407 members elected for a period of five years.