Commemoration of the massacres of 8th May 1945

The Embassy and the Consulate General organized on the 8th May, a commemoration ceremony in remembrance of the massacres of 8th May 1945 with the presence of members of the Algerian community in the United Kingdom.

The ceremony was marked by the playing of the national anthem, the reading of the Fatiha and the handing over of the Algerian Flag to a young member of the Algerian Community in the UK.

On this occasion, Ambassador Abderrahmane Benguerrah recalled the horrific massacres by the French army of more than 45.000 Algerian civilians who were demonstrating peacefully for the country’s independence and dignity.

He stressed that these crimes against humanity will always be engraved in the Algerian people’s memory and serve as a lesson of sacrifice by the Chouhada to the Algerian youngsters.