UK-Algeria Energy Transition and Countdown to COP26

A webinar entitled: “UK-Algeria Energy Transition and Countdown to COP26” was jointly organised by the Algerian Embassy in London, Developing Markets Associates (DMA) and the British Embassy in Algiers, on 23rd March 2021.
Among the participants were: Lord Richard Risby, the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Algeria, Ms Janet Rogan, COP26 Regional Ambassador for Middle East and North Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the Ambassadors of both countries, Officials from the Algerian Ministry of Energy Transition and Renewable Energy and experts and representatives from the Algerian and British private sectors.
Furthermore, 200 repesentatives from the British business and diplomatic community attended this event.
In his opening remarks, Mr. Abderrahmane Benguerrah, the Ambassador of Algeria in London, spoke about the policy pursued by the Algerian government to achieve the country energy’s transition, particularly through the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency. He highlighted the country’s potential in terms of solar energy and business opportunities in this promising field.
In her speech, Ms Janet Rogan underlined that Algeria has a potential that exceeds the international average to become a regional leader in solar energy and pointed out the role that the private sector should play in the energy transition.
Lord Risby and Ms Sharon Wardle, UK Ambassador, welcomed Algeria’s efforts in developing renewable energies and expressed the UK’s willingness to share its experience and expertise with Algeria in this field.
The other participants discussed the reforms undertaken in Algeria to further develop its renewable energies with the participation of public and private sectors, as well as the opportunities for bilateral partnerships that stem from the complementarities identified in the strategies of the two countries, particularly in view of the COP26.