1-Conditions for the Renewal of Scholarships:

The renewal is granted to students who have not gone over the regulatory period of support and who can justify regular pedagogical and scientific progress.

Scholarship renewals can only be granted to students with a maximum of (04) year of study allowance. (04 years for tuition fees / 48 months for stipends)

2-Scholarship Renewal Procedures:

The renewal will be decided by the MHE and the Committee of Scientific Experts of the National Commission of the Training and the Improvement Abroad.

Students are not required to attend the renewal process.

The Algerian Embassy in London does not have the authority to decide on the renewal of scholarships. However, the Embassy gives its pedagogical feedback on the student’s study progress and behaviour (reasoned observations), with the official Embassy stamp.

Sponsored students must send the documents via email at for the first evaluation by the students’ department at the Embassy.

The Student will have to submit the documents endorsed by the Embassy on the platform set up by the MESRS.

3. Documents Needed to Renew a Scholarship:

– Application for renewal of scholarship

– Transcript of records containing the stamp of the host university if possible, for Bachelor and Master Degree Students.

– The follow-up form (sample to be downloaded here) duly stamped by the host institution.

– These documents should only be addressed to:, with the following subject line: RENEWAL 24-25, Name, First name, University Name.

For example: RENEWAL 24-25, Amina Hafid, University of West Scotland.

These documents must be sent according to the following model:

-Name and First name_fiche de suivi (for example: Amina Hafid_fiche de suivi)

-Name and First name_relevé de notes (for example: Amina Hafid _relevé de notes)

-Name and First name_information (for example: Amina Hafid _information)

Only send your documents to the following email address: 

The Embassy will email each applicant a stamped follow-up sheet stating reasoned observations within (05) working days.

Once the Application is approved by the Student Department at the Embassy of Algeria in London (dully stamped), Students are required to submit the same application via the link: (only for sponsored students following PhD studies in English).

Other sponsored students with different specialties should ask the Embassy for the specific link.  

4. Scholarship Extension/Readjustment:

Scholarship extensions are not granted by the MHE. Scholarship holders are required to take all necessary steps to complete their training within the duration of the initially scheduled support.

The procedures for applying for a scholarship readjustment are identical to the renewal procedures. Please only indicate that it is a readjustment on the official application and the follow-up form sent.

According to the Ministry of Higher Education, if you have been funded for 48 months of scholarships and/or 4 years of University tuition fees, you are not eligible for renewal procedures.

Although, students who would like to apply for readjustment of their scholarships, are invited to follow the same procedure of renewal.

5. Suspension:

Repeating a year is not permitted. Any failure will result in automatic suspension of the scholarship, which will be reinstated only after the student has passed to the next year.

Students in PhD level are required to complete their studies in that level. However, achieving MPhil level without passing to the upcoming PhD level is not accepted by the MHE. This will result to the suspension of the scholarship.

6. Return:

In accordance with the legal provisions in force in the field training abroad, students must adhere to the following:

  • Obligatory to obtain results.
  • Completing the study and the viva within the legal period of training.

Sponsored students must also respect the following contractual obligations:

  • Complete the formalities for their final return within a period not exceeding three (03) months after their graduation.
  • Joining the job position to which the graduated student was assigned.

8. Observations:

  • The scholarship is not renewed automatically. The renewal is decided by the Scientific Committee based on the student’s final results.
  • The instructions should be carefully followed in order to best process your application.
  • Renewal applications should only be sent to the mentioned e-mail not send copies to the other Department’s e-mail addresses.
  • Requested documents should be sent in a single email. Do not send the same email twice.
  • When sending an email to the Student Department, please include the following information:

-Family Name and First Name,

-Year of Study,

-Cohort (20../20..),

University of Origin,

-University in the UK,

-Telephone Number,

The modalities and conditions set by the Ministry of Higher Education (MHE) for the renewal of scholarships for the Academic Year 2023/2024 can be found here.